successful history of ESG Aerosystem Inc.

ESG Aerosystems

About Us
Our Mission

ESG Aerosystems Inc. stands for excellence in training! We deliver mission-critical, first class training solutions to our clients on time and on budget, keeping your personnel combat ready and operational!

Our team of experts knows how to develop time-efficient training syllabi using smart schedules and front-loading training activities. This guarantees cost-effective and scalable training for pilots, mission crews and maintenance personnel.

Our Vision

ESG Aerosystems aspires to be your premier choice for holistic, system-specific training solutions by delivering the full package:

  • Syllabus development as a co-creative process with our customers
  • Syllabus execution and continuous evolvement
  • Provision of our excellent Learning Management Platform including content creation, hosting and software development services
  • Computer Based Training
  • Operational Flight Trainer (OFT/Simulator) Based Training
  • Flight Training in Aircraft

We also support our customers with our capabilites in program management as well as strategic advisory services.