ESG Aerosystems Inc. is located at Keystone Heights Airpark K42J

Our Location

Keystone Heights Airpark K42J

ESG Aerosystems Inc.‘s International Training Center is located on the premises of the Keystone Heights Airpark, Starke, Florida. Keystone Airpark is the perfect location for operational Maritime Patrol Aircraft training. It is close to Jacksonville with its Naval Airstation and home of Maritime Patrol Squadron VP-30, the largest flying squadron in the US Navy. This enables ESG Aerosystems Inc. to be tightly integrated into the international MPA community. At the same time, Keystone Airpark is just far enough off the beaten tracks to provide maximum flexibility in flight operations to ESG Aerosystems Inc. and our strategic partner, MHD ROCKLAND Services. 

History of Keystone Heights Airpark

1942 – Construction by the United States Army Air Force, South-West of Camp Blanding

WW II – K42J  is the home base for he AAFSAT Strategic Reconnaissance School operating F3 Havoc, P39D Air Cobras as well as L-2 and L-3 Grasshoppers.

1943– 313th Fighter Squadron moves to Keystone, bringing their P40 Warhawks which where later replaced with P47 Thunderbolts

1945– The forces deactivate the airfiled

1947– The City of Keystone Heights acquires the airport from the Federal Government